Village Life in Photos

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There have been many enjoyable activities at the School house over this past year.  New residents moving in and joining our very personal and friendly village.  Just some of the activities have been excursions to various venues for lunches, Casserole lunch, the improvement and expansion of our library which is now receiving very frequent patronage.

We have also had a Petanque Pist built near the deck and it is very pleasant having a wine as the ladies compete with the men.  It is very popular.  The residents committee has been very active and held forums with the rest of the residents to formulate goals and prioritise what the village wishes to achieve in both the short and longer term.  A Rotunda and extra BBQ area is presently under construction set in the beautiful gardens along the stream many village men assisted in the project.

I am sure you have heard the term “a picture paints a thousand words” if you wish to experience this Click Here